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Lime riders traverse dangerous roadways

PEOPLE RENTING BIKES through an app often travel down dangerous roadways, such as Revere Beach Parkway, according to a planning agency that is hoping to sift the travel patterns of those cyclists to inform future decisions about transportation infrastructure. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council facilitated contracts between multiple Boston suburbs and Lime, a bike-sharing company, […]

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Baker proposes new ride-hailing regs

Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday proposed a range of new regulations to prevent abuses of the Uber and Lyft ride-hailing platforms and to more precisely monitor how those on-demand travel services are being used. The legislation would require the tech giants that host the services to share reams of anonymized data about rides so that […]

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Pulling the data together

It’s not easy comparing the cost of different modes of travel. With driving, for example, there are a lot more costs than just the per-mile cost of driving – the cost of the vehicle, insurance, maintenance, tolls, parking etc. This appendix delves into some of those costs and how they have changed over time. It […]

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Weston residents biggest political donors in Mass.

THE MOST GENEROUS political donors in Massachusetts state and municipal campaigns last year, perhaps unsurprisingly, tend to live in some of the wealthiest communities in the state. In its spring newsletter, the Office of Campaign and Political Finance put out a list of per-capital political spending from every city and town in the state ranked […]