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Rideshare ballot question could affect non-drivers

MUCH OF THE DEBATE over the app-based-driver initiative petition has focused on how it would affect the drivers themselves. As important as those issues are, there is another aspect that has been overlooked. If the initiative petition establishes in law that drivers for Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, and other apps are “independent contractors” for all purposes, […]

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Ex-reporter transitions to political partisan

A YEAR AGO, I was a nonpartisan political reporter in Massachusetts, happy to give people from either side of the spectrum due credit or due comeuppance. No longer. Now I am a full partisan in a battleground state. I display a Biden-Harris sign in our window. I proudly wear my Biden-Harris T-shirt. I have made […]

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Liberty Mutual, Verizon pushed tax change

LIBERTY MUTUAL AND VERIZON were two of the companies lobbying for a controversial corporate tax relief provision that appears to have nearly derailed a closeout budget bill late this year. The provision was pushed by Gov. Charlie Baker and the House, and opposed by the Senate. The Senate position ultimately prevailed and the closeout budget […]

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Weld: ‘All of this is totally unprecedented’

AS A YOUNG LAWYER working for the congressional committee investigating President Nixon, Bill Weld’s job was to study every impeachment that had previously occurred in Great Britain and the United States. Now he’s running in the Republican primary against the third president ever to be impeached by Congress: Donald Trump. He has some perspective. “All […]

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DeLeo: Lots of work remains on housing bill

THE HOUSING COMMITTEE advanced the governor’s housing choice bill with a nearly unanimous vote Thursday, but Speaker Robert DeLeo said that’s not a sign that agreement has been reached on the issue. Moving that bill and 19 others out of committee should put pressure on members to get to work hearing each other out and […]

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Impeachment headed for crucible of Senate

NOW WHAT? By a margin of just over 30 votes, the US House impeached President Trump last night. For those hoping to hold the Republican president accountable for alleged abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, that was the easy part. The case now moves to the Senate, where Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will […]

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Say hello to Nubian Square

THERE’S NO BRONZE traitor astride a horse. No statue whatsoever. In fact, it can be a little tricky to suss out who exactly Dudley Square is named after. But this era’s moral reckoning with villains from the past will soon shove aside the timeworn geographic honorific memorializing Thomas Dudley, a colonial functionary who was in […]

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MassGOP goofs in swipe at Galvin

THE MASSACHUSETTS REPUBLICAN PARTY appears to have missed a crucial detail when it lambasted the state’s top elections official and suggested he had no business including Bill Weld on the Republican primary ballot. The party, run by firebrand chairman Jim Lyons, had proposed on Thursday that President Trump should appear alone on the March 3 […]