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Contemporations may work better than reparations

They focus on contemporary discrimination rather than slavery

While reparations are typically linked to slavery or historic discrimination, contemporations focus on contemporary discrimination. With contemporations, there is no need to determine the responsible parties’ intention, only the impact of their decisions and actions on community and personal wealth. 

WeWork’s Boston diversity success story

What we learned and what the city can build upon

WeWork made headlines for many things during our time working to center inclusion and belonging in its Boston and Cambridge spaces. We wish that just one of the stories you heard was about the remarkable change that was made possible by effective leaders working in powerful partnerships to open our city and connect people.

Career path crumbling for mental health clinicians

We need approval of legislation to fairly fund our clinic system

In recent years, as reimbursement rates fell further behind, outpatient clinics lost staff to acute and psychiatric hospitals, primary care practices, schools, and state agencies.  These settings can offer significantly better salaries, benefits, and work-life balance.  They have become the proverbial greener pastures that not everyone can afford to resist.

At Eversource, we’re shifting our approach to EJ communities

Every voice deserves to be heard and lived experience recognized

Eversource is quite literally developing a roadmap for successfully achieving a clean energy future in Massachusetts, and as we look at this huge undertaking holistically, we recognize that every voice deserves to be heard and lived experience recognized so that we can maximize the benefits of clean energy for all customers and prioritize the EJCs…

Emergency insulin should be the law

It’s legislation that would cost nothing and save lives

I am a varsity softball player, a goalie for my soccer team, and I regularly hike and stay active, but without insulin, I would die, likely within weeks, or even days.

Some guideposts for restoring civic discourse

Acknowledging ambiguity can lead to better decision-making

Our public debates favor controversy and often gloss over important details and trade-offs. The result: important issues get oversimplified and decision-making becomes dysfunctional.

Safety should come first on social media platforms

Kids Online Safety Act, pending in Congress, is the answer

Tech companies, including Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Google (YouTube), TikTok, and others have refused to answer to the government or parents like me who must bury their children because of the dangerous and toxic effects of social media. We are finally at a point in which Big Tech may have to answer for its greedy and…

Beacon Hill dawdling comes with consequences

Waiting until last minute risky for a body that could lose a foot race with a glacier

Despite months of opportunity to work with Gov. Maura Healey to accommodate migrants and other families and pregnant women under the state’s right-to-shelter law, lawmakers dawdled, seemingly content to let Healey take the political heat.


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