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Feds downshift, say right to repair law can be implemented

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE STATE AND FEDERAL regulators appear to have made a breakthrough to move forward with a voter-approved vehicle repair data law after legal battles and safety concerns stalled its implementation. A bit more than two months after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warned that a 2020 Massachusetts “right to repair” update […]

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Greg Torres: A most interesting man

IN 2016, MassINC and CommonWealth hosted Serious Fun, a humorous spoof on politicians and the Massachusetts political scene held at the John F. Kennedy Library. Greg Torres, the CEO of MassINC and the publisher of CommonWealth, appeared in one of the video skits as “the most interesting man in the world” – a funny take on the […]

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Lawmakers, Healey push budget deadline back another month

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE GOV. MAURA HEALEY bought top legislative Democrats up to another month to reach a long-overdue budget deal Thursday when she handed them a get-out-of-missed-deadline-free card, but it’s not clear if they will actually take full advantage of it. With the list of House-Senate feuds growing longer and a compromise state budget […]

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A letter to Bill McKibben: Do the math

Dear Bill McKibben, Thanks for coming home to Concord/Lexington on April 2 and reminding us how we have wasted precious time since you sounded the alarm in 1989 with “The End of Nature” book. We shrugged our shoulders then and went on to build McMansions in your old neighborhood and ignore the far-flung receding Arctic […]