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Teachers union wants ed reform money — but not accountability

THE MASSACHUSETTS TEACHERS ASSOCIATION is calling on its members to be “conscientious objectors” by refusing to administer MCAS and not let their own children take the dreaded tests. Such farcical extremes ensue when a special interest group has had too much power for too long. Massachusetts’ landmark 1993 Education Reform Act transformed K-12 public education […]

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Secret ballot vital in union elections

THE LATEST real-life parable that reminds us why the Founding Fathers made secret-ballot elections a centerpiece of American democracy comes from a distinctly 21st-century source – the video game industry.  In recent months, the Communication Workers of America (CWA) has been working to unionize Proletariat, a Boston-based studio owned by gaming company Activision Blizzard, which […]

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Retaining international students should be a top priority for Massachusetts

THE RECENT MIDTERM elections are just the latest in a long string of events that have put immigration in the national spotlight. Unfortunately, the politics distract the public from understanding the critical role of legal immigrants in making our nation and our state more economically competitive. Foreign talent is critical for staffing science and technology […]

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Time for state action on troubled Boston Public Schools

FORMER STATE SENATE President Tom Birmingham often describes the centerpiece of the landmark 1993 Education Reform Act he co-authored as a massive infusion of state dollars into public schools in return for high standards and accountability for all. There is perhaps no better example of just how far back into the rear-view mirror accountability has […]

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Transparency on health care costs is something we should all agree on

SOME BELIEVE Medicare for All is the answer to America’s health care woes. For others, a functioning free market is the only way to cut costs without sacrificing quality. As far apart as the two sides may be on the ultimate solution, achieving either goal requires knowing the real prices of health care procedures before care […]

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How Mass. abandoned its recipe for educational success

EINSTEIN DEFINED INSANITY as “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Education policy makers in Massachusetts have taken the concept to a new level by doubling down on policies that have brought a decade of decline. The Commonwealth’s K-12 education funding formula was no longer providing adequate resources to less affluent school districts, and […]