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Taking stock of the T after 6 months under Healey

IT’S BEEN ABOUT six months since the Healey-Driscoll Administration took office, an opportune moment to assess its performance in connection with the revitalization of the beleaguered MBTA.  Let’s look at decisions regarding personnel, resources and actual outputs to get a clear picture of whether, and what kind of, progress is being made. From a personnel […]

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Is transit a public good?

A RECENT Bloomberg City Lab article by the highly regarded transportation thought leader David Zipper used recent statements by proponents of free public bus transit in Boston and Washington, DC, to assert, quite provocatively, that transit is not a public good. His assertion relies on adherence to the economic definition of “public good,” a definition that […]

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A new MBTA board of directors is needed urgently

THE HEADLINE spoke volumes. As the MBTA’s interim general manager laid out a comprehensive presentation on the history and current status of the troubled procurement of new Red and Orange Line cars, the MBTA’s board sat silent and “asked no questions.” It was a jaw dropping, but unsurprising headline, describing the behavior of a board […]

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An MBTA to-do list for Gov. Healey

THE HEALEY/DRISCOLL administration will take office at a time when rider confidence in the MBTA and T employee morale have reached unprecedented lows. The necessary task of restoring confidence and morale will be a challenging one, but it cannot be avoided or deferred. In a recent article, I observed that while it is unlikely (and, […]