One reply on “How many white supremacists at rally?”

  1. Speaking of Energy and Environment Secretary Matt Beaton’s quiet reimbursement to the state, why isn’t CommonWealth covering what’s going on with the Department of Conservation and Recreation with regards to Jeremy Jacobs/Delaware North? CommonWealth has done some solid reporting on DCR in the past such as, “Does web browsing leave a public record?,” “DCR is an agency without a vision,” “The Codcast: Does DCR need fiscal control board?,” “MDC meets DCR,” “Baker dumps more workers at DCR,” “Baker appalled by DCR official’s actions.” “Baker says DCR suspensions send right message,” “Dysfunctional DCR tries to be smarter landlord,” “Audit: DCR is terrible landlord,” “DCR forgives $23,000 of club’s unpaid rent,” “DCR 2.0,” “DCR has another lease problem,” and “DCR ups rent demands” but nothing about Jeremy Jacobs/Delaware North’s recent backroom deal with DCR to make a ridiculously low payment for failing to compensate taxpayers for the air and easement rights used by Jeremy Jacobs/Delaware North to develop the new Garden authorized by an agreement and law back in 1993. That’s a story worth telling.

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