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Vote-by-mail a must for Massachusetts

THIS PANDEMIC CONTINUES to challenge our systems in ways that require new solutions. Last month in Wisconsin, without any clear guidance from their state leaders, millions of voters were forced to choose between risking their lives or letting their voices go unheard. The lack of available poll workers led polling locations to close across the […]

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What I told my students after the election

ONE OF THE biggest things that kept me awake on Tuesday night was how I would help my eighth grade civics class process this election, especially since I spent Tuesday’s class reviewing the Electoral College and showing them projections from  After the results came in on Tuesday, I thought Wednesday was going to be one […]

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The shock heard ‘round the world

DONALD TRUMP WAS elected president, upending the expectations set by virtually every poll going into Tuesday’s election. He won despite alienating and attacking everyone from Hispanics to Gold Star families, calling war hero (and fellow Republican) John McCain a loser, and boasting of his celebrity-fueled ability to grab women’s genitals at will. None of it […]