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For Mass. Democrats, a troubling gap between party platform and practice

THIS WEEKEND, thousands of Democrats from across the Commonwealth will be descending upon Worcester (or joining virtually) for the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s annual convention. As a nominating convention, it will focus on determining which candidates qualify for the September primary.   But rather than talk about the five contested races at the convention (there’s plenty […]

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House should pass same-day voter registration

LAST WEEK, Congress and the Biden Administration failed to advance federal voting rights legislation, prompting pundits and politicians to re-iterate the necessity of advancing legislation to strengthen voting rights and access in the states. Today, the Massachusetts House of Representatives is seeking to do just that, and bringing the VOTES Act to the House Floor.  […]

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Mail-in voting was huge success; let’s keep it

ON SEPTEMBER 1, Massachusetts voters broke a record. Whether by mail, by dropbox, or in person, 1.7 million voters cast a ballot for our state primaries, exceeding the previous record from 1990.   To put this into perspective, 1.7 million is approximately the same as the number of votes cast in the 2014 and 2018 state primaries—combined. And it’s more than the 2010, […]

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A stronger state safety net is part of the cure

LIFE UNDER QUARANTINE can easily cause many of us to lose track of time. But one date we should remember is this: Today marks one month since Gov. Charlie Baker issued a declaration of emergency. Have our state policymakers been responding with the needed urgency? Not really. The Legislature, now rightfully in remote function, has waived […]