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Schools need to sign up now for fed food program

REGARDLESS OF HOW schools approach reopening in the fall, many Massachusetts schools face a choice right now that could affect nutrition and local economic stimulus in 2021 and beyond. That choice is whether to take advantage of a federal option to provide universal free school meals to all children. Many school districts and individual schools […]

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Vote-by-mail a must for Massachusetts

THIS PANDEMIC CONTINUES to challenge our systems in ways that require new solutions. Last month in Wisconsin, without any clear guidance from their state leaders, millions of voters were forced to choose between risking their lives or letting their voices go unheard. The lack of available poll workers led polling locations to close across the […]

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Strengthen, don’t scrap, the ACA

MASSACHUSETTS IS A LEADER in health care and caring for our most vulnerable citizens. But even as we drive groundbreaking research and unprecedented care, nonstop efforts to undermine our health care system threaten every one of us and heighten our anxieties. Our health care system served as the foundation for the Affordable Care Act. Since […]