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Globe clears McGrory of sexual harassment

AN OUTSIDE INVESTIGATOR hired by the Boston Globe cleared top editor Brian McGrory of violating the company’s sexual harassment policy but admitted he exchanged “personal” messages with former editor and reporter Hilary Sargent. “As we informed our employees earlier (Thursday,) the investigation by outside counsel into the matter regarding Brian McGrory that was raised […]

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Globe meets with McGrory accuser

THE ATTORNEY FOR former staffer Hilary Sargent said on Monday that his client sat down for five hours with an investigator hired by the Boston Globe and laid out her claims of inappropriate sexual conduct by Brian McGrory, the paper’s editor, and others. “Today, my client spent more than five hours sharing with the […]

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Globe’s day to dump news

IT IS KNOWN by reporters as the “Friday news dump,” that time, often in the warm weather months, that officials release bad news late in the afternoon on the verge of a weekend to minimize attention. It has been the target of derision by many in the media. “Releasing bad, unflattering, or embarrassing news on […]

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Globe drops suit vs. Sargent

THE BOSTON GLOBE dropped its suit against a former editor and reporter to compel her to turn over information about her allegations of sexually suggestive texts from editor Brian McGrory. Lawyers for the Globe filed a “Notice of Voluntary Dismissal” Monday morning in Suffolk Superior Court after both sides submitted a joint statement Friday […]

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Untangling the McGrory-Sargent dispute

SHORTLY AFTER THANKSGIVING last year, amid the exploding #MeToo movement, the Boston Globe ran a blockbuster story about the husband of then-Senate president Stan Rosenberg allegedly sexually harassing at least four men who did business with or worked on Beacon Hill. It was the latest in a number of front-page stories chronicling sexual harassment allegations, […]

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Globe challenges Sargent to show evidence

LAWYERS FOR THE Boston Globe said they are trying to determine whether allegations against editor Brian McGrory of sending inappropriate and sexually suggestive text messages are true, but cannot complete their investigation without help from his accuser, former editor Hilary Sargent. “The Globe has done all the investigation it can without her, both internally […]