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A path forward for physician portability

MASSACHUSETTS HAS long been recognized as a global leader in health care, hospitals, education, and innovation. We wear this label proudly but must remain committed to continuous improvement and investment in the healthcare infrastructure that makes our Commonwealth remarkable. The reality is that not all communities and residents in Massachusetts can easily access the quality […]

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West-East rail is what needs to happen

MASSACHUSETTS IS FACING an unprecedented moment. I’m not talking about the COVID-19 pandemic – although the shoe still fits. I’m talking about the billions of dollars in federal funding pouring into our Commonwealth, challenging lawmakers to make intentional, generational investments that will build a sound foundation for housing, healthcare, infrastructure, and transportation for centuries to […]

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We’ve got to have art

THE IMPACT OF arts and cultural programs on our lives is not easily quantifiable. Whether we are in a museum, concert hall, or any other venue, enjoying art together is much more than a mere source of entertainment. It’s a way for us to collectively experience the human condition. The value that this brings to […]