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support for working families is a worthy cause-one that, as Senate President Travaglini notes, is important to employers. His specific proposals, however, are a mixed bag. Although Associated Industries of Massachusetts does not take positions on personal tax issues except as they affect business competitiveness and the fiscal stability of the Commonwealth, it is certainly […]

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The proponents of a state constitutional amendment to establish an individual right to comprehensive health insurance, enforceable against the Commonwealth, have clearly given a lot of thought to the problems besetting our health care system. Apparently, however, they have given no thought at all to how those problems might be solved. Instead, they offer a […]

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The modern American worker, the most productive and prosperous in history, lives in an increasingly transient society where extended family support networks are stretched thin or are nonexistent, where there are fewer “stay-at-home” parents, and where many single-parent families have to both make ends meet and care for young children. All of these broad societal […]