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Mr. Fix-it struggling with culture change

IT’S THE CULTURE of state government versus the Baker administration and the winner, by a knockout in the fifth round, is state government culture. Think of the MBTA and the Registry of Motor Vehicles with their deeply rooted cultures of self-protection and risk avoidance. Gov. Charlie Baker has staked a good measure of his credibility […]

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Where is Baker’s sense of urgency on the T?

GOV. CHARLIE BAKER is apparently contemplating a third term in order to complete the things he’s started. It’s clear that at this pace he may need a fourth term to fix the MBTA. The two MBTA derailments in the past week dramatize the enormous challenges facing the T and the lack of meaningful progress for […]

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Latest numbers undercut need for health care tax

THE LATEST DATA for the state’s MassHealth program indicate enrollment has stabilized, suggesting the assumption behind Gov. Charlie Baker’s health care tax on employers – that Medicaid rolls are soaring – is not supported by the evidence. In a previous column, I pointed out that enrollment had declined in November and December 2016 to the […]

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Baker’s claim of soaring Medicaid rolls is faulty

WITH MUCH FANFARE last January, the Baker administration sounded the alarm that the Medicaid rolls were soaring because individuals were dropping their employer coverage and choosing instead to enroll in the more generous MassHealth program. To help address the budget problem, the administration proposed a broad tax on employers, mistakenly likening the proposal to the […]