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Koch behind the challenge to Baker’s powers

ON JUNE 1 the Fiscal Alliance Foundation announced that a lawsuit to overturn Gov. Charlie Baker’s coronavirus public safety orders would be brought on behalf of a few Massachusetts businesses and ministers. The groups’ attorney, Michael DeGrandis of the New Civil Liberties Alliance, wrote about it in CommonWealth in an op-ed entitled “Baker usurping the […]

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Mass. Fiscal social justice claims ring hollow

BACK IN 1932 James Michael Curley arrived at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago without a seat in the Massachusetts delegation. Curley dexterously engineered himself into becoming the chairman of the Puerto Rican delegation – “Alcalde Jaime Miguel Curleo.” With the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance’s recent claim to be a crusader for social justice, Curleo’s triumph […]

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Mass. Fiscal Alliance’s hollow defense of dark money

THE DARK MONEY political operation Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has been mounting a campaign against regulatory changes proposed by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance to enhance disclosure of money in politics. OCPF’s proposals are moderate and reasonable and should be implemented. MassFiscal’s Paul Craney complained earlier this week in CommonWealth that that OCPF “has […]

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The Real Romney

The Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman have provided a genuine service with the publication of The Real Romney. After reading through the book I have only one question left for the authors: who is the real Mitt Romney? This is not a critique of Kranish and Helman’s reporting but a commentary on […]

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It’s cozy inside

In this world of harsh economic conditions and political divisiveness we all need some coziness. Fortunately, the worlds of politics and business provide us with many suitable examples of how, as Rodney King once implored us, we can all just get along. Let’s take, for example, the heart-warming tale of a young man with limited […]

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Piling on

Since the conviction of former House speaker Sal DiMasi almost no political story is complete without a solemn intonation about “the third speaker in a row guilty of federal charges.” I’ve fallen into it myself. But maybe we’ve been a little too hard on these men (well, two of them anyway) and not hard enough […]