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‘Wraparound’ services crucial to school reopenings

IT’S JUNE 2021 and, finally, most children have returned to full-time in-person school. Teachers are reconnecting with students whose experiences over the last 16 months vary widely: a student who lost a parent to COVID-19, another whose family has been stressed by job loss, food insecurity, and mental health challenges, another who is reeling from […]

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3 priorities for schools in the COVID-19 era

REOPENING SCHOOLS PRESENTS a lot of unknowns. Budgets, class sizes, and health protocols are up in the air. But one matter is settled: Whether education happens in person or online, students’ academic learning depends in large measure on their physical and social-emotional wellbeing. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, during this past decade of relative economic prosperity, […]

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We need a holistic approach to improving student outcomes

IF MASSACHUSETTS IS committed to equal educational opportunity for all, the next phase of education reform must acknowledge that schools cannot close achievement gaps without a systemic approach to addressing the out-of-school disadvantages that impact students’ academic learning. Factors outside of school more powerfully predict outcomes than any factor in schools. The current education reform […]