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Diversity in educator pipeline is crucial

THE DEMANDS OF TEACHING during a pandemic have undoubtedly taken a toll on educators. From dealing with ever-changing public health protocols and staff shortages to addressing lost learning time and supporting students’ wellbeing, teachers are overworked and overwhelmed. A new study found that turnover among Massachusetts teachers was at least 15 percent higher over the […]

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3 priorities for schools in the COVID-19 era

REOPENING SCHOOLS PRESENTS a lot of unknowns. Budgets, class sizes, and health protocols are up in the air. But one matter is settled: Whether education happens in person or online, students’ academic learning depends in large measure on their physical and social-emotional wellbeing. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, during this past decade of relative economic prosperity, […]

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Breaking down silos that separate students by race and class

AT A RECENT press briefing, Massachusetts education commissioner Jeff Riley observed that the crisis of COVID-19 school closures is also “an amazing opportunity to think differently about how we educate our kids.” We couldn’t agree more. Let’s use this chance to make schools more equitable. Let’s build a “campus without walls” where all students – […]

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Students’ voice missing from ed funding debate

THE DEBATE ON education funding currently swirling inside and outside the State House focuses on what the state is putting into education and how those dollars can support the best possible outcomes for all students. Much of the discussion has focused on helping schools or districts “give our kids the education they deserve,” as Gov. […]

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Resetting the bar

With headlines routinely proclaiming that Massachusetts “tops the nation” on national or international comparisons of student performance, it might come as a shock that over 40 percent of all students and nearly two-thirds of high-needs students are not proficient readers by the end of third grade. And these numbers have remained largely unchanged for the […]