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Setting an Agenda

“We’ve always styled ourselves as the voice of the region,” says Rick Holmes, the opinion editor for The MetroWest Daily News. “Heck, we invented the term MetroWest.” Indeed, the newspaper can proudly take credit for the term now used to describe the expanse of cities and towns west of Boston, having sponsored a contest in […]

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Supply and Demands

Sitting on a Brighton hilltop like a fortress against disease, the beige brick edifice of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital stands out against the gray March sky. The driveway, which carves a path up to the emergency room and where one might expect to hear the blare of ambulance sirens, is clear and quiet, but motorists heading […]

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Boston tries to keep a token presence in the magazine publishing industry

Jeremy Brosowsky, age 28 but already a publishing success, thought he had the formula. His Washington Business Forward was 18 months old and going strong. He could imagine Business Forward magazines in two dozen markets, including fast-growing cities like Atlanta and San Antonio. Why not Boston, for a start? Before long, Brosowsky had a downtown […]