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Baker education legacy: continuity and change

EDUCATION REFORM AND improvement is a journey, not a destination. And the timeline for meaningful impact tends to be generational, certainly not contained within a single gubernatorial administration – even one that lasts two terms. Nonetheless, the work of the Baker-Polito administration over the past eight years has generated significant progress that has the potential […]

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Bringing efficiency to public higher education

HIGHER EDUCATION can be hidebound and slow-moving. In some instances – such as the pomp and circumstance of commencements – adherence to tradition and ceremony are essential to the academic experience. But the emergence of disruptive forces in higher education – including a demographic decline that will shrink the pool of college-age students and the […]

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Rep. Thomas O’Brien claims his charter school bill is being put forward primarily for fiscal reasons, in the belief that a moratorium on the granting of new charters will somehow save money for the Commonwealth and its public schools during this time of budgetary crisis. If this is the intent, the bill fails even on […]