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The death of the press conference

Press conferences used to be the ultimate showdown—newsmaker vs. reporter, mano-a-mano, cage-match style. But in recent years, they’ve become a paltry wisp of their former selves. Nowadays, you’re more likely to get political candidates scrambling off a bus with their pre-fabricated legions of sign-holding interns, hitting the steps of City Hall for a nice photo […]

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If I ruled the Globe

I don’t need to rule the whole planet—just the Globe. The Boston Globe, that is. As a former journalist, it’s a favorite parlor game among my media-savvy friends: What would we do to stop the freefall and inject a little mojo back into New England’s paper of record? Purging myself of sentimentality and whipping out […]

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Newspaper endorsements still matter

I’ve been on the “ed board” circuit lately—tromping around the state and attending meetings with newspaper editorial boards. The goal is for my clients to wow the opinion-makers with their acumen and insight, and win an endorsement for their candidacy or cause. Some may ask, in this era of declining newspaper readership, if the effort […]

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Battling the cable guys in Lakeville

LAKEVILLE– When there’s a problem with their cable-television service, Lakeville residents call AT&T– whose nearest customer center is in New Bedford, almost 20 miles away. Just a few years ago, they could have gotten help from an office much closer, in next-door Middleborough, but MediaOne shut it down shortly before being taken over by AT&T, […]