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Coming T shutdowns present an opportunity

GOV. CHARLIE BAKER recently announced several upcoming weekday shutdowns of MBTA lines, with the most dramatic shutdowns coming to the Green Line. This short-term pain, long-term gain approach – relying on replacement shuttle buses – streamlines repairs to bring better service to customers more quickly. Ask any rider who has taken shuttle buses during other […]

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How to improve T service during shutdowns

ONCE AGAIN, the MBTA’s floating slab project has reared its ugly head. If it seems like this project has been going on forever, it’s because it has. The first weekend shutdowns to replace the concrete which holds the tracks together took place in 2011. Over the past decade, one might assume that the MBTA would […]

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#FreeTheRamp all day long

OF MAJOR AIRPORTS in the United States, Boston’s is closer to the downtown than most. Yet despite the short distance, getting to Logan at rush hour can be challenging. Pick your poison: a taxicab or ride-hail in traffic? A similarly-congested ride on the Silver Line bus? A traffic-avoiding multi-seat ride on the Blue Line? A […]

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SL3 could be solution to Logan’s access issues

THE MBTA HAS ADDRESSED some of the most pressing needs for more transit service at times of day when people need to travel by making early-morning and late-night service permanent. Significant gaps remain, not least those related to access to and from Logan International Airport. Logan is one of the region’s greatest trip generators, a […]

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Fixing the Logan ‘donut hole’

With congestion continuing to plague East Boston and the Logan Airport roadway system, Massport has proposed changes to the fees charged for ride-hailing companies (Uber and Lyft) for pickups and dropoffs at the airport. Leveraging  these fees, Massport will beef up Logan Express coverage, adding a new route to North Station as well as additional […]