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Galvin won’t cooperate with Trump voter fraud panel

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S COMMISSION to investigate allegations of voter fraud is reaching out to state officials to gather information, but they won’t be getting a lot of help from Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin. Galvin spokesman Brian McNiff confirmed on Thursday that the office received a letter from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. […]

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Mass. Democrats are energized

THIS SATURDAY, the Massachusetts Democratic Party will hold our largest ever platform convention. Nearly 5,000 delegates are mobilizing to debate, vote, and collectively decide the key issues that represent who we are as a Party. For 1,560 of those assembled, this is the first convention they have ever attended as a delegate. As chair of […]

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Was Baker privately ‘With Her’?

GOV. CHARLIE BAKER is heading to Washington later this month to attend fellow Republican Donald Trump’s inauguration. But would he have been happier to be attending Hillary Clinton’s swearing-in? Of course, the state’s governor famously staked out a position of absolute neutrality in the presidential contest. Early on, Baker declared Trump a non-starter in his […]

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A Massachusetts freedom agenda

THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION election unleashed forces of racism, sexism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and authoritarianism that, we now know, have been simmering just beneath the surface of the collective American polity. But the election of a president who campaigned on threats to dismantle protections for the least among us also has mobilized millions of freedom-loving people to […]