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The unifying force of unions

CORPORATE AMERICA’S anti-union rhetoric isn’t tricking the American people anymore. After decades of labor unions being portrayed negatively, the majority of Americans now have a positive view of organized labor. Most people are catching on to the reality that the decline of union jobs is contributing to the rising tide of inequality and lack of opportunity, even for those […]

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Baker should make immigrant licenses part of road-safety agenda

IN MASSACHUSETTS, thousands of immigrant families risk being separated every time they get in their cars to drive their children to school. In a state where most people believe that undocumented immigrants are an essential part of our communities and deserve not only a path to citizenship but also our support and compassion, they are […]

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Time to raise up Boston workers

THE BOSTON OFFICE market is booming. Multinational pharmaceutical companies continue to expand, top students continue to flock to world-class higher education institutions, and cutting-edge tech companies and new start-ups show the world that Massachusetts is the place to invest. Our economy is strong, but far too many hardworking men and women in the area still […]