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Healey gives life science firms $24.4m in tax breaks

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE GOV. MAURA HEALEY and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center announced $24.4 million in tax incentive awards Tuesday that they expect will help 43 life sciences companies create nearly 1,600 new jobs, and officials teased more “exciting” life sciences news around the corner as the BIO International Convention lands in Boston next […]

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Boncore resigns abruptly at MassBIO

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE Former state senator Joe Boncore is stepping down as CEO of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council by the end of the year and his second-in-command, Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, will take over atop the influential organization. MassBIO announced the leadership change Friday and said that Boncore plans to “open a consulting practice and […]

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State shouldn’t define pharmaceutical ‘value’

THERE’S A REASON that Americans get access to new cancer medicines two years earlier, on average, than patients in Europe: prices in the United States respond to medical needs and market demands, not public commissions using inflexible formulas. Unfortunately, Gov. Charlie Baker’s budget proposal fails to take this into consideration and could put cutting-edge treatments […]

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Cost of drugs in the US is an outrage

THE HIGH COST OF PHARMACEUTICALS in the United States is an embarrassment. Americans don’t consume more prescription medications than their counterparts in other developed countries but, on a per capita basis, we spend almost twice as much. The traditional rationale for this disparity is that we are more innovative and must pay up for pharmaceutical […]

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Cost barriers rise for patients

THERE SEEMS TO be a new story each day about how patients across the country are being treated unfairly by their health insurance company. Chances are, you or someone you love has been through something like this. These are patients who have done the right thing, worked hard, paid their premiums, and expected that when […]

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Taxpayers clean up Big Pharma’s mess

LAST YEAR, the United States saw a 13 percent increase in drug overdose deaths, from an estimated 60,147 lives lost in 2016, to an estimated 67,944 in 2017. For perspective, that is enough to completely fill Gillette Stadium, with an overflow of 2,066 individuals. Here in Massachusetts, we experienced a slight decrease in opioid related […]