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The campaign money man

MICHAEL SULLIVAN FOLLOWS the money. Sullivan is the director of the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance, which monitors and publicizes how candidates for office in Massachusetts raise and spend their campaign cash. He makes sure politicians follow the rules, and in some cases he has to set the rules. He recently proposed a […]

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Like it or not, campaign regs changed for the better

LAST JANUARY, the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) proposed revisions to many of their existing campaign finance regulations. While most of the proposed changes were minor and technical in nature, several had potentially substantial and serious repercussions for non-profit organizations of all types across the state. Of particular note were the changes […]

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Some things are worth protecting

FREEDOM OF SPEECH and association, our most fundamental American rights, are perpetually under attack from powerful politicians, bureaucrats, unions, and far-left interest groups. They use campaign finance law as a weapon. Silencing the opposition is easier than debating important policy publicly. Here in Massachusetts, these groups are working to silence and stomp out groups such […]