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A big chunk of lobbying in Mass. is not tracked

IN MARCH, Professor Julia Payson of New York University addressed a small group who had gathered at Boston University’s Initiative on Cities to hear about the new book she wrote — When Cities Lobby. Dr. Payson told the small crowd that the inspiration for her book came while she was a graduate student in California […]

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SJC agrees to hear moot DiMasi case

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE A YEAR AND A DAY after the case was rendered moot by the calendar, the Supreme Judicial Court last week decided that it will nonetheless rule in the case involving former Speaker Sal DiMasi’s registration as a lobbyist in Massachusetts and is working to schedule oral arguments for later this year. […]

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Health care fuels first-half lobbying

THE STATE HOUSE remains closed to the public, but the business of lobbying on Beacon Hill keeps rolling along, particularly in health care. According to data gathered by Secretary of State William Galvin’s office, lobbying expenditures remained fairly stable in the first six months of this year, with the same players spending roughly the same […]

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Lobbying expenditures totaled $85.6m in 2020

THE STATE HOUSE is closed these days because of COVID-19, but for the most part businesses and other advocacy groups are continuing to hire lobbyists to represent their interests on Beacon Hill. Total spending on lobbying in 2020 was $85.6 million, down $1.8 million, or 2 percent, from 2019, according to Secretary of State William […]

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Getting a handle on Beacon Hill advocates, coalitions

HOUSE SPEAKER RON MARIANO recently announced that he was asking the House Rules Committee to take a look at the rules around “unregistered, or vaguely-affiliated, advocates and coalitions.” Mariano’s pronouncement created confusion – and some concern – among public policy advocates. But it has also highlighted the complex nature of lobbying on Beacon Hill, with […]

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Lobbying remains lucrative during pandemic

[CORRECTION: Due to a reporting error, an earlier version of this story and the chart on lobbying firm revenues contained inaccurate information about the revenues of the Suffolk Group. Revenues during the first half off 2019 were $881,147, not the $1,827,842 reported. The larger number was the revenue for all of 2019. As a result, the […]

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New No. 1 among Mass. lobbying firms

SMITH COSTELLO & CRAWFORD vaulted into the top spot among Massachusetts lobbying firms in 2019, raking in $4.2 million in fees and displacing the prior king-of-the-hill, ML Strategies. Smith Costello & Crawford has grown rapidly over the last four years, jumping from just over $1 million in revenues in 2016 to $3.2 million in 2018. […]