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What happened to the transportation revenue bill?  

LESS THAN FIVE months ago, frustrated drivers and transit riders saw a glimmer of hope that a major infusion of cash might soon be on its way to shore up the state’s ailing transportation system. The Massachusetts House – typically the Legislature’s more conservative body on taxes – unveiled a $600 million transportation revenue bill.   While the future of the bill was always uncertain […]

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Lawmakers call Pollack back next week on RMV

SETTING THE STAGE for another confrontation with the Baker administration, leaders of the Transportation Committee on Wednesday scheduled a hearing next week in their ongoing probe of the massive procedural failure connected to a fatal crash in New Hampshire last month. Unless something has changed since Monday, that schedule doesn’t mesh with Transportation Secretary Stephanie […]

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Frustrated lawmakers abruptly end RMV oversight hearing

This story was updated. FRUSTRATED OVER THE lack of cooperation from the Baker administration on a legislative probe into extensive failures at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, lawmakers cut short their oversight hearing Monday morning, essentially telling Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack to come back when she had something to tell them. An “extremely disappointed” House […]