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Upcoming tax debate awkward for GOP

As the House prepares to debate new funding sources for transportation, Massachusetts Republicans find themselves in an awkward situation. They generally oppose raising taxes, particularly the gas tax, but the party’s top elected official, Gov. Charlie Baker, is leading the charge for an 11-state transportation climate initiative that would place a price on the carbon […]

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DeLeo unsure about tax bill timeline

HOUSE SPEAKER Robert DeLeo expressed some uncertainty Wednesday afternoon about whether the House will be able to advance a tax package before the end of the year. “Right now we’re still working on it. It’s still something that we’re working on,” DeLeo said after a Democratic caucus. “I would advise you to stay tuned in […]

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Straus: Transportation revenue debate starting now

THE LONG-AWAITED legislative debate over how to fund improvements to the state’s beleaguered transportation system will kick off Tuesday, according to one of the key players. Gov. Charlie Baker himself will appear before the Transportation Committee to pitch lawmakers on his five-year, $18 billion bond bill financing transportation construction projects. Questions over how the governor […]