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Study Valor Act before changing it

MASSACHUSETTS IS ON the brink of abandoning one of the most innovative criminal justice initiatives for veterans in the nation. In 2012, after a significant amount of research and debate, the Valor Act became law. Section 16 of the act established an alternative legal pathway for veterans charged with crimes that could reasonably be connected […]

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Getting Trump’s attention

Someone needs to take away President Trump’s cellphone or shut down his Twitter account. Stat. Trump raised the specter of recording his January dinner conversation with now-fired FBI director James Comey in a threat that wasn’t even thinly veiled. It was downright translucent. “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations […]

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Crime and punishment

Photographs by Mark Ostow DIANE MCMANUS SAYS her youngest child, Timothy, is “no street kid.” He was “raised in the church,” she says, a respectful son who minded the rules she set down, even as a teenager growing up in a rough patch of Dorchester off Blue Hill Avenue. But while Diane McManus was out […]