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Trump made gains in urban areas of Mass. 

VOTING TRENDS THAT showed shifts in heavily Hispanic communities in Massachusetts toward President Trump in this month’s election are also apparent in other urban areas, including huge swaths of Boston, results that seem to defy expectations that four years of often racially-charged rhetoric from the president would further depress his already weak standing in communities […]

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Nonprofits keep making in-lieu-of-tax payments to Boston

BOSTON’S MEDICAL, educational, and cultural nonprofit institutions have taken a huge financial hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, but most of them continued to make voluntary tax payments to the city this year. Twenty-four of the 47 nonprofits assessed by the city as part of its payment-in-lieu-of-taxes program paid about the same amount as they did […]

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A third path for Boston’s School Committee

Students versus teachers. Teachers versus parents. Parents versus administrators. Administrators versus everyone. In a COVID-19 world, this “us versus them” mentality just doesn’t work anymore. We’ve seen it happen a lot recently, with talks over the past few months around reopening the Boston Public Schools and in discussions concerning the McCormack Middle School.  As parents, […]