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Warren should now champion race dialogue at home, too

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN is running for president with an ever-percolating pot of policy ideas. She has advanced a cornucopia of legislative proposals in recent weeks, earning her the mark of a wonk in a recent Time magazine profile. While reaching the White House may preoccupy her ambitions these days, looking to Massachusetts as a potential incubator for her […]

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Rollins brings welcome change

SUFFOLK COUNTY District Attorney’s Rachael Rollins’s bold stances around criminal justice in Massachusetts are good for democracy. Her proposals to effectively limit the criminal stigma of some illegal offenses — such as shoplifting and trespassing — that disproportionately impact people of color and the poor have ruffled political feathers.  But her approach is well-grounded and […]

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New civics law should spur study of race and urban violence

THE STRENGTHENED MASSACHUSETTS civics standards for schools that was signed into law last month may well contain an unexpected benefit that will bolster the core of the state’s democracy: It can serve as a conduit to grapple with the persistent issues of race and violence— especially in the Commonwealth’s urban centers. The law was needed. Along […]

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Why we boycott Faneuil Hall

The following remarks are a slightly edited version of a speech delivered on Thursday at a protest at Faneuil Hall.  THE ROOTS OF BOSTON — our history, our legacy, our genesis — have been watered with the blood of the slaughtered. From first nation people to the bound African slave, Boston at the outset represented […]

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Renaming Faneuil Hall would not erase history

IN A LOCAL TV news station poll this month, more than 90 percent of viewers opposed renaming Faneuil Hall, an iconic civic edifice in Boston which has been a magnet for tourist and elementary school day-trippers. Yet, all across the nation, large cities and small municipalities are taking sure-footed measures toward removing or renaming monuments, […]