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Bringing the abortion pill litigation into focus

Late Friday afternoon, two whiplash-inducing rulings out of Texas and Washington State threw the status of a commonly used abortion medication into limbo. Here’s why these cases matter in Massachusetts and what to expect for the next week.  Are these two court rulings about one specific pill, or all types of abortion medication? They are focused on one […]

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How to use the secretary of state’s office to protect abortion rights

LAST FRIDAY, Gov. Charlie Baker  signed into law a bill codifying several measures first included in an executive order he issued following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. When it comes to protecting reproductive freedom, it’s an important start, but not nearly enough. The Dobbs decision represents a critical encroachment on the […]

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Harris calls Mass. a model on abortion rights

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE MASSACHUSETTS STANDS as a “model” that other states should follow to protect access to abortions and other reproductive health care, Vice President Kamala Harris said during a visit to the Bay State on Thursday. Offering praise both for the Democrats who crafted a substantial reproductive care bill and for Republican Gov. […]

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Baker signs abortion rights bill 

GOV. CHARLIE BAKER on Friday signed into law a sweeping abortion rights bill that protects health care providers from prosecutions by other states, requires insurers to fully cover abortion services, and clarifies the circumstances under which abortion is legal after 24 weeks.   Baker is a Republican who generally supports abortion rights, but he has […]