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The promise and pitfalls of relying on artificial intelligence

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS changing the way we think about authorship, art, and white collar work. It may be changing how we think, full stop. As artificial intelligence, or machine learning, becomes more integrated into people’s everyday lives, it runs the risk of “replacing moral judgments, or by replacing practical judgments, or replacing everyday judgments,” Nir […]

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How arts enrich the state’s civic life

LOCAL ARTS PROVIDE a wellspring for community – energizing residents and enriching civic life. Our regions benefit from the remarkable ways that arts and cultural expression help people engage, connect, and contribute to more equitable, vibrant places. It happens on multiple levels. Merrimack Valley residents join in municipal development through a question that goes to […]

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As history shows, those educated in arts shape the future

THIS YEAR marks a profound milestone in how Massachusetts became a national symbol of ingenuity and creativity, leading the way in preparing new generations to take on the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing economy. In 1871, state leaders had the foresight to make an inspired investment in our Commonwealth’s future. Without the luxury […]