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Don’t be an outlier, reform the estate tax

SOMETIMES TAX policy is hard and sometimes it is not. Voting to modernize the Massachusetts estate tax as part of the Legislature’s economic development bill is an easy decision – it costs little and protects the middle class, while preventing a flight of wealthy taxpayers from the Commonwealth. Regarding the estate tax, Massachusetts is not […]

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The state shouldn’t tax forgiven PPP loans

THE LAST YEAR has been devastating on many levels, but many of our small businesses are still standing because of the support from our communities and yes, because of the support of our local, state, and federal governments. In Massachusetts alone, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) helped retain countless amounts of jobs and saved thousands of […]

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IRS, DOR undermining Earned Income Tax Credit

IN THE MIDST of new proposals for a major tax system overhaul, there’s one tax policy almost everyone agrees has been highly effective: the Earned Income Tax Credit. It delivers significant financial relief to working families while providing financial incentive to work. In 2015, the average credit was $3,186 for families with children. How disappointing, […]

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Accountant group pushes tax filing change

IN THE SEEMINGLY ARCANE world of tax filing deadlines and extensions, timing is everything. And a simple change in Massachusetts tax filing deadlines to match new federal regulations would save Bay State businesses millions of dollars collectively while providing more revenue clarity for state officials. That is why the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accounts, […]

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Accountants are in high demand

NOW THAT ALL THE MORTARBOARDS have been flipped in the air, college graduates are assessing their career prospects. Amid all the noise surrounding their choices, at least one trend is very clear: Much of opportunity in the innovation economy goes to the mathematically inclined. Research scientists. Data analysts. Robotics engineers. We just can’t get enough […]