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Polluters should fund measures to combat climate change

AUGUST MARKED THE first anniversary of the federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the largest investment in clean energy in our nation’s history. Still, climate doomsday stories and hostile weather tragedies drive the news coverage and are irresistible clickbait. Sadly, they lead the public to believe we are on a sinking boat without life preservers. Despite […]

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We must pursue a real plan for net-zero emissions by 2050

AS THE COMMONWEALTH moves forward with its ambitious mandate to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, it’s essential that we have a real plan for implementing a real solution. Failure to adopt a concrete plan at best means piecemeal, uncoordinated and inefficient action. At worst, it could mean major disruption and harm to workers and ratepayers. A full […]

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Our legislation expands transit tax benefits

IN EXPLORING legislation to expand commuter transit benefits, we sought to save Massachusetts residents money and improve our environment. Then a global pandemic changed the entire transportation landscape. Presently, use of MBTA services and regional transit authorities across the state are still just a fraction of what they had been prior to COVID. Commuter rail […]