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Anti-vaxxers aren’t the main problem

DESPITE THE BELIEF that low vaccination rates are due to anti-vaxxers – those opposed in principle to vaccination — the majority of people who have not vaccinated their children in Massachusetts are not anti-vaccine. Most unvaccinated children are in that gap because of issues of access or other logistical reasons. Legislation proposed on Beacon Hill […]

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Funding plus reform right equation for education legislation

NOTWITHSTANDING JOHN ADAMS’S almost sacred words enshrined in the Massachusetts Constitution, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was a Johnny come lately with respect to state aid to education, with its earliest efforts being enacted after World War II. In 1993, we changed all that, recommitting in earnest to Adams’s great dictate that the Commonwealth’s government “cherish” […]

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Time to stop zoning out children

DEMOGRAPHIC  CHANGES have accelerated in Boston and elsewhere in recent years.  There has been an increase in healthy older people who may no longer want to live in single-family housing and worry about “SST”—snow, stairs, and trash. These Boomers are too young to live in assisted living and usually too affluent to qualify for any […]

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Mass. cities losing clout in ed funding fight

WE PREVIOUSLY CO-AUTHORED an article in CommonWealth detailing the increasing discrepancies in municipal finance between the “haves” and the “have-nots” among Massachusetts cities and towns. It should not be surprising, therefore, that we are concerned about antiquated funding formulas that create a similar divide when it comes to state aid to education in Massachusetts. The issue […]

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Where have all the children gone?

EVERY 10 YEARS, the Massachusetts Legislature must go about the arduous task of redistricting our House and Senate districts. Because of the continued shift in population within the state, each decade the districts creep farther toward Boston. The same is also true whenever Massachusetts loses a congressional seat.  In 1962, we had 14 congressional districts. […]