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Wait, we’re number 2?

LIKE THE FAMOUS Avis commercial says: when you’re number two, you gotta try harder! When it comes to energy efficiency policy, that is the unfamiliar position Massachusetts now finds itself in. For years –– nine years to be precise –– the Commonwealth led or tied as the most energy efficient state in the nation, according […]

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Conversion therapy bill very narrowly drawn

THE MASSACHUSETTS HOUSE of Representatives and the Senate recently gave overwhelming approval to a bipartisan bill banning the practice of so-called gay “conversion therapy” for minors. Conversion therapy, a practice which attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity through various forms of therapy, has been widely debunked by health care professionals. The […]

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Time to end offshore tax loophole

IT COULD BUY a dozen new energy-efficient locomotives for the MBTA every year, put nearly 1,000 more police on our streets, or pay for more than 8,000 needy children to attend preschool. It’s a corporate tax loophole that allows a select few Massachusetts companies to stash US profits in offshore tax havens and avoid corporate […]