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How a Mass. court case targeting the opioid crisis could protect abortion access

AFTER THE SUPREME COURT’S decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, several states wasted no time in enacting laws banning abortion. Many of these laws – some without exceptions for rape or incest – went into effect the moment the Supreme Court’s conservative majority wiped away 50 years of precedent. Weeks after the decision, supporters of […]

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You shouldn’t need to be rich to run

A POSITIVE BY-PRODUCT of the Trump presidency is the ever growing number of people interested in running for office at all levels of government. Organizations like EMILY’s List, which helps pro-choice women get elected, report that since Election Day 2016 more than 25,000 women have signed up to run. Having realized that democracy is not […]

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States must step up on public corruption

IF YOU BLINKED, you likely missed the recent release of the report of the Massachusetts Task Force on Integrity in State and Local Government, which was established by state law to review and recommend updates to our ethics laws.  After seven public hearings and testimony from the State Ethics Commission, legislators, and members of the […]