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Teacher bonuses that are no windfall

INTRO TEXT Cathie Clement is trained as a lawyer, and she’s worked in industry, state government, and private practice. But the hardest job she’s ever done is the one she’s doing now: teaching math in middle school. “The only people who understand how stressful teaching is are my trial lawyer friends,” says Clement. “You’re always […]

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Shooting for selfsufficiency

It took Mary Lou Rockwell, a job counselor and social worker at the Metro South/West Regional Employment Board’s Framingham office, three days to get through what is usually a one-hour introductory session. But Jenifer Lang, her new client, was nervous, and she couldn’t look Rockwell in the eye. However much she hid it, Lang was […]

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Testing the test

The headlines shocked the public and rocked the education establishment: It was the first time the state ever tested would-be teachers to weed out who did–and did not–belong in front of a public school classroom, and almost 60 percent failed. House Speaker Thomas Finneran threw rhetorical fuel on the fire by deriding the test-flunkers as […]