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Infrastructure bill is huge opportunity for women in trades

THE INFRASTRUCTURE BILLS now making their way through Congress offer a once-in-a-generation opportunity to crush barriers to women, including women of color, that keep them from achieving good careers and better lives, as they do the work of rebuilding America. I recently watched a single mom graduate from our carpentry pre-apprenticeship. She’s an athletic person […]

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Gender pay gap hits Latina women hard

Equal Pay Day symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what white men earned in the previous year. Today’s marking of that ignoble milestone means women must work an extra three months – all of last year plus the first three months of 2019 – to catch up with last year’s earnings for white men.  But even more […]

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With junk insurance, you get what you pay for

INSPIRED BY MARCHES, movements (#MeToo, #TimesUp), and momentum (the unprecedented surge of females running for office), women are standing up for the issues that matter most to them. Let’s make sure that healthcare continues to be on that list. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), American women have made dramatic gains. The number of uninsured […]

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Social media’s gutless wonders

In all the years I’ve been a reporter, no one has ever sent me an anonymous message wishing I was raped again. I’ve never been the subject of tweets calling me the c-word, relating to the female anatomy. No one has ever written to me that they hoped my significant other beat me. But, then, […]