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Coronavirus campus unrest 

APRIL, TRADITIONALLY A time of excitement and possibility in higher education, is instead proving to be the cruelest month for US colleges and universities. High school seniors normally would be weighing their options after receiving college admission decisions, while campuses buzz with visits from excited would-be students. Instead, prospective freshmen are wondering whether their first […]

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Sounds of silence at Suffolk

The silence coming out of Suffolk University is deafening. The board of trustees still isn’t talking about why it fired president Margaret McKenna, and McKenna herself hasn’t said anything since she issued a statement late last week suggesting her termination was unfair. The lack of chatter is amazing given the circus that erupted earlier this […]

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Deja vu at Suffolk U

A correction was added to this story clarifying that the Suffolk trustees sent a letter to the Suffolk community Thursday evening. That letter said McKenna had been terminated but did not explain why. Suffolk University’s trustees voted to fire President Margaret McKenna and her chief of staff on Thursday, but they bungled her removal just […]

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McKenna’s marketing deal with the Globe

As the Suffolk University soap opera heads toward some resolution today, one storyline hasn’t received much attention — the decision by President Margaret McKenna to enter into a $670,000 advertising and marketing agreement with the Boston Globe. The advertising deal came up last weekend when Suffolk board chairman Andrew Meyer and three other trustees told […]

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Suffolk-cating presidents

Suffolk University is in a constant identity crisis. Of course, when you have five presidents in six years, that’s bound to happen. And, if the university’s board of trustees has its way, the downtown school may be making yet another change at the top. But this time, it’s not happening without a fight. Reports began circulating last […]