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House votes to strengthen control of health system expansions

FIRING A SHOT across the bow of the state’s leading hospital networks, the House voted nearly unanimously on Wednesday to give a state health commission more authority to scrutinize expansion plans – and to give community hospitals what amounts to veto power over efforts by large hospital systems to encroach on their service area. The bill was passed as […]

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How to build an industry to support offshore wind

AFTER SIGNING the climate change bill into law on Friday, Gov. Charlie Baker and House Speaker Ron Mariano began an interesting discussion about how the state should go about building an onshore industry to support the development of offshore wind. The climate change law authorizes the purchase of 5,600 megawatts of offshore wind, but it […]

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Mariano pledges to turn South Coast into ‘hub of wind energy’

MASSACHUSETTS HOUSE SPEAKER Ron Mariano on Thursday pledged to make major investments to turn the South Coast into “a hub of wind energy for the region.”  Mariano, in a virtual speech to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, envisioned using the nascent offshore wind energy industry as a way to create jobs in Massachusetts while positioning the state […]

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For Mariano, the spotlight isn’t kind 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS OFTEN count for a lot, and for Ron Mariano that’s probably not a good thing.  The new House speaker gave an interview to Channel 5 reporter Sharman Sacchetti that was quickly turning heads because of his circumspect answers that seemed dismissive of her queries. Mariano may have shed his signature moustache, but not […]

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Mariano pledges to lead with an open mind

HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER Ron Mariano, a day before he is set to be elected speaker of the Massachusetts House, pledged to be a leader who will listen to everyone with an open mind. “I’m balanced, I’m extremely open minded, I’ve changed my position when I’m convinced that there’s another thing – there’s something that I […]

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A deal-making new House speaker 

IT WAS SEVERAL DAYS before the end of the 2018 legislative session, and Ron Mariano and Jim Welch were in difficult negotiations over a health care bill.  Mariano, the House majority leader, and Welch, then-Senate chair of the Health Care Financing Committee, were the lead negotiators in a conference committee trying to reach agreement on how to stabilize community hospitals. Mariano made a […]