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Here’s what passed in marathon all-night legislative session 

IN A MARATHON all night session, the Massachusetts Legislature finally finished many of their key priorities of the 2021-2022 legislative session, even as one key priority – tax reform – remained undone. They passed bills on equity in the cannabis industry, legalizing sports betting, and tightening gun licensing laws in the wake of a Supreme […]

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Legislative candidates seek election do-overs 

DOING THE SAME thing again and expecting a different result may be the definition of insanity, as the saying goes, but some legislative candidates are doing it anyway.  This November, voters will be asked to choose sides – again – in several legislative rematches.  Democratic state Sen. Sue Moran, Democratic state Sen. John Velis, and Democratic state Rep. Carol Doherty […]

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Republicans allege power grab in rules debate

THE NORMALLY CONGENIAL dealings of the Massachusetts House of Representatives turned into a scene of vituperative charges and countercharges being hurled across the partisan divide on Wednesday as lawmakers struggled to devise a plan for how to conduct business amidst the coronavirus pandemic. House Speaker Robert DeLeo accused House Republicans of putting House members and […]