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Looking at 911 mental health calls in a new way

A SPOUSE,  A SISTER, or a brother suffers an acute mental health crisis. Family members call 911 as a last resort. A Boston Globe analysis reports that these calls—there are a lot of them—initiate chains of events that can (and, on an average of five times each year in Massachusetts, do) culminate in a fatal police […]

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Ruling permits citizen recordings of police

WHILE BEACON HILL legislators haven’t moved yet to address Gov. Charlie Baker’s amendments to policing reform legislation, other efforts to improve law enforcement accountability are moving forward locally and in the courts this week.  Earlier this week, the First Circuit Court of Appeals said people can’t be prosecuted under the state’s 1968 wiretapping statute for […]

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9 Boston police accused of embezzling $200,000

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE NINE CURRENT current and former Boston police officers were arrested and charged by federal prosecutors Wednesday for allegedly engaging in a years-long scheme to defraud the department of overtime pay. US Attorney Andrew Lelling announced the indictments on charges of conspiracy to commit theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and embezzlement from […]

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Police aren’t needed in schools

IN THE AFTERMATH of George Floyd’s killing, Minneapolis has canceled its contract with city police to patrol its schools. Portland and Denver have acted similarly. As we engage in conversations regarding structural reforms to dismantle American apartheid, we have to consider not only how police should be used in schools, but confront the more fundamental […]