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Boston submits school improvement proposal to state

IN RESPONSE TO a scathing state review documenting “entrenched dysfunction” in the Boston Public Schools, the city submitted a proposal Wednesday night to state education officials that vows to make changes across six broad areas that state Education Commissioner Jeff Riley said must be addressed in an improvement plan for the district. The proposed seven-page agreement […]

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State review slams Boston schools 

A HIGHLY ANTICIPATED new state review of the Boston Public Schools paints a picture of a system in deep disarray, where some of the problems identified in a state report two years ago have only worsened. While the new review identifies some areas of improvement since the last state report was issued, it portrays overall […]

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Riley forcing a reckoning on Boston schools 

THE BOSTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS are a mess, but it’s not clear what will or should be done about it.  That’s the situation as the district approaches a moment of reckoning with state education officials, who have completed the second comprehensive review of the district in two years and are now contemplating what steps to take, […]

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Coalition says proposed voc school admission changes don’t go far enough 

PROPOSED CHANGES TO vocational school admission policies, which the state has developed following years of pressure from municipal leaders and advocates, don’t go nearly far enough toward ensuring access to the schools for all students, says a coalition of civil rights, education, and community groups. The Vocational Education Justice Coalition is calling on the state […]