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We spearheaded state’s 2014 gun law; new legislation can build on it

FOR NEARLY 10 years Massachusetts has been one of the states with the lowest rates of firearm deaths. Firearm deaths include homicides and suicides by firearm and firearm accidents. Most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the annual firearm death rate in Massachusetts is 3.4 per 100,000 residents while […]

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Mass. concealed-carry law threatened by Supreme Ct. decision

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE IN A RULING praised by gun rights advocates, the US Supreme Court on Thursday struck down New York’s concealed-carry gun licensing law with a decision that Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said flouts hundreds of years of state-level gun regulation and “poses a grave danger” to people traveling in public spaces. […]

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Treat gun violence like the public health crisis it is

GUN VIOLENCE is a public health crisis. That’s what we continue to hear from healthcare leaders across Massachusetts and the nation. It may seem odd at first blush to use that designation for the mass shootings that have gripped our nation, especially as we are still living in the reality of a years-long pandemic. But […]

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Uvalde comes nearly a decade after Newtown

NEARLY A DECADE AGO, on December 19, 2012, I shared this message with my college and our community about the worst school mass shooting in American history: It’s been a soul-searching week at Northern Essex Community College… Like parents across the country and around the world, I’ve been holding my children even more closely this […]

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Citing bills, Smith & Wesson moving HQ

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE FIREARM MANUFACTURER Smith & Wesson announced Thursday that it will move its headquarters and “significant elements of its operations” from Springfield to Maryville, Tenn., citing a greater embrace of Second Amendment rights and a more favorable business environment in the Volunteer State. The move, which will take place in 2023, will […]

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Insular thinking in Boston’s suburbs

AFTER AN EFFICIENT campaign by gun control proponents, the Newton City Council recently approved zoning changes to keep gun stores out of Newton. Yard signs that dotted lawns across the city have come down, Facebook posts have dwindled, and parents are resting easier knowing that their children won’t walk by a gun shop en route […]