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Healey climate plan calls for cabinet czar

DEMOCRATIC GUBERNATORIAL candidate Maura Healey began to flesh out her policy positions on Tuesday by unveiling a climate change plan that calls for the appointment of cabinet-level official to oversee and coordinate the effort and sets ambitious goals for eliminating the use of fossil fuels in generating electricity and powering the MBTA. As the state’s […]

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Senate passes climate bill, adds offshore wind boost

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE SENATORS TOOK a major step Thursday toward achieving the net-zero emissions target they already set for Massachusetts by approving a policy-heavy bill aimed at expanding the clean energy industry and reining in emissions from the transportation and building sectors. Nearly 12 hours after they kicked off debate, senators voted 37-3 on […]

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Too many containers are being burned, buried, littered

CLIMATE CHANGE is wreaking havoc on our planet, particularly in the Northeast region. A recent report from the United Nations found that climate change is accelerating at a shocking clip. The UN’s bad news comes on the heels of research showing the Northeast is warming faster than average global temperatures, putting the region at a heightened risk of extreme […]

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Moving the needle on climate change by not eating

WE HAD PROTESTED. We had lobbied, called, emailed, and written. We had marched, rallied, and chanted. We had sat in, blocked, disrupted, and gotten arrested. None of it had stopped the insanity. So we stopped eating. In a year when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is “code red for humanity,” at a time when […]