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Unions are answer to state’s labor shortage

MASSACHUSETTS HAS a crisis on its hands. The Commonwealth faces an alarming labor shortage, with fewer people participating in the workforce and more of the Commonwealth’s residents choosing to move elsewhere. The cost of living is skyrocketing causing many to face hard economic decisions. We cannot afford to ignore this problem, but it’s also a […]

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Women have gone missing from the workforce

AS MASSACHUSETTS employers struggle to attract and retain workers, it’s worth remembering that experienced talent already exists here in the Commonwealth among the tens of thousands of caregivers who have left the workforce since the onset of COVID-19. The good news as we approach International Women’s Day is that many of these caregivers – overwhelmingly […]

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Why we need to identify Green Zones

PRESIDENT BIDEN has signed an infrastructure bill that includes $21 billion for environmental remediation and $150 billion to boost clean energy and promote “climate resilience.” This  money presents a tremendous opportunity for our communities to increase green infrastructure, address environmental inequality, and foster innovation, focusing on common environmental problems found in Black and Brown sections […]