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Warren’s solution for gridlock

During the campaign between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren, Brown said the best way to end congressional gridlock was to send more senators like him to Washington, people willing to cross party lines when they vote. But now it’s Senator-elect Warren who’s talking about ending gridlock. In a blog post for the Huffington Post, Warren […]

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Warren the rookie

Like a rookie stepping up to the plate for the first time in the big leagues, Elizabeth Warren looked cautious and tentative in her first meeting with the State House press corps as the senator-elect from Massachusetts. She met with Gov. Deval Patrick for an hour at the State House and then the two of […]

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What’s the story with Obama?

Barack Obama supporters are praying daily (many of them probably hourly) at the altar of Nate Silver. The creator of the poll-dissecting blog FiveThirtyEight, who was signed on by the New  York Times after making a splash in the 2008 election, calms their frazzled nerves. He explains why deadlocked national tracking polls mean less than […]

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FEMA: How do you like me now?

If Katrina was the nadir for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, then Sandy is its brightest moment since New Orleans. Up and down the hurricane-battered Northeast corridor, local, state, and federal first responders have received praise for their efforts. But foremost among the cheerleaders is Chris Christie, the irrepressible Republican governor of New Jersey, who […]

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Romney’s Etch A Sketch for the home stretch

It was way back in March, about a million Twitter news cycles ago, that Mitt Romney’s man behind the curtain, Eric Fehrnstrom, announced what nearly anyone who has followed Romney’s career could have known: That after securing the Republican nomination based on an awkwardly worded self-appraisal as a “severely conservative” governor of Massachusetts, Romney would […]

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Scott Brown’s partisan problem

The second most bipartisan member of the Senate has a Republican problem. And his potential GOP colleagues are not helping him any. If there’s anyone in Massachusetts who has not heard Sen. Scott Brown touting his aisle-crossing voting record, it’s either a child just learning to talk or someone recently returned from a stint in […]