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Congressional support for teacher strikes at odds with state leadership 

STRIKING TEACHERS IN Massachusetts have had strong support from some of the state’s heaviest political hitters. US Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey have offered full-throated endorsements of the strikes, with Markey even joining Malden teachers on the picket line. Congresswoman Katherine Clark has also voiced support for the teacher actions.  But as you move closer […]

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Blue wave rolls across state 

WITH AMERICANS CASTING ballots in an election unlike any other, Massachusetts residents voted in record numbers, with Democrats hoping that a blue wave washing over Bay State contests extends to the presidential race and pivotal US Senate contests as well as to down-ballot races for seats in the already Democrat-dominated state Legislature.  From the home […]

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The content of their character

MICHELLE OBAMA’S BLISTERING takedown of Donald Trump during the opening night of the Democratic National Convention on Monday was noteworthy because she largely steered clear of the president’s policy record and focused instead on the character of a man she deemed wholly unfit for office.  In an odd parallel, the same issue-free attacks on character […]

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Sparks fly in Markey-Kennedy debate

IT’S BEEN HARD to find much daylight on issues between Ed Markey and Joe Kennedy as the liberal lawmakers match each other measure for measure on one progressive platitude after another. But give them credit for trying. Taking swings that amounted more to wild flailing than surgical strikes, the Democratic primary contenders for US Senate […]